Mapperley Park Medical Centre Open Access Family GP Practice

GP Consultations
Dr Mark Stevens is our GP. Seeing your GP should be simple. So if you have been looking after yourself but have reached the point where you would like a doctor’s opinion with your situation, if you present yourself here as an NHS patient registered with us, by 11.15am, we will see you that day.

There will be a delay in seeing the doctor, but you do not need to wait on the premises. We will give you a guide when you are likely to be seen. Patients over 74 and under 12 can arrange a time to come by phone.

Nursing Appointments
Andrea Thorneywood offers travel advice and vaccination, child immunisation, cervical smear tests and checks to help people look after conditions for which medicine can make a contribution such as diabetes, chest and heart trouble.

Free testing for sexually transmitted diseases, cholesterol and blood pressure are also offered.

Practice Leaflet
For an audio file of our practice leaflet, please click here