Mapperley Park Medical Centre Open Access Family GP Practice

These need careful checking and we ask that they be requested using our written repeat prescription cards. We can show on these cards how well certain conditions have been running, which can be helpful if people want to take steps to improve their health. We also use the cards to invite people for check-ups. We have asked our pharmacy colleagues to return the cards to you so that you can see what we have written on them.

If you request repeat prescriptions using on-line access you do not need to use the card, as we can message you electronically


You can now ask for your repeat prescriptions to go direct to your chemist’s electronically without using a green printed prescription form.

Please inform the reception staff if you would like this. It can save time waiting at the chemist’s, and is more secure.

You do not have to use on-line access to your records to ask for your prescriptions to be sent to the chemist electronically.

Please continue to request your prescriptions in writing using our repeat prescription form if you are not registered for on-line access for prescription requests. It is easy to apply for on-line access by phoning us if you have been registered for 2 or more years, or bringing in 1 item of photo-identity and 2 proofs of address for your own security.