Mapperley Park Medical Centre Open Access Family GP Practice

You should go to A&E if you have had an accident or injury that needs medical attention, such as a motor vehicle accident, significant cut (especially stab wounds), an eye injury or significant fall where missing early diagnosis and treatment could result in long-term disability or death. A squash ball hitting the eye, for example, certainly needs checking in case the retina has been detached.

Go to A+E or dial 999 for:

This is not a complete list, but an aid to recognising when early medical attention may help in some cases. If you have another urgent medical problem that needs diagnosing, the best option is to call the out of hours GP service on the practice number, 0115 841 2022. The GP service will be able to refer you on to hospital if that is the best for you.
Attending A&E with conditions that are not in the category of requiring prompt treatment to avoid disability or death means doctors and nurses there will have less time to see the more urgent cases

It is better to see a GP as an emergency in less life-threatening cases. This could be with Dr Stevens on weekday mornings or a NEMS doctor out of hours and at weekends. People who prefer a timed service can make afternoon appointments to see the GP. These appointments can be expected to last 10 minutes.